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Our Mission

Paranormal Activity Investigators are based out of the Kansas City Metro area and have been actively investigating as a team since 2003, making us one of the longest continuously active teams in the Midwest.

Our group seeks out allegedly haunted locations to assist those who are experiencing what may be the paranormal. We also research ghost stories, urban legends, sightings, and conduct investigations and experiments into any potential paranormal activity.

We look for authentic evidence of the paranormal and try to determine if a location is haunted. We are seeking genuine evidence and are careful about the presentation of this evidence, insuring that it is legitimate, researched, and analyzed before being presented to the general public.

Our research will document hard environmental data and take into consideration any human experiences. We uphold the requested confidentiality of all of our clients and treat each location with respect.



11th June 2016     A long overdue website overhaul is coming soon! Problems with buggy coding have finally become too much to continue repairing and dealing with so onward and upward! Please be patient as we make this transition. Thank you!
27th May 2016     We recently had a security issue due to faulting coding on our page so we had to temporarily remove the "Urban Legends" section. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

If you followed a link to our page and cannot find what you were looking for all Urban Legends stories are now located at URBAN LEGENDS
7th March 2016     It's been 20 years of mystery and mayhem and the 2016 Haunted America Conference is going to be the weirdest one yet! June 24-25 in Alton, Illinois! Speakers, authors, ghost hunts, haunted tours, Ghostly Talk Radio reunion, Planet Weird Traveling Museum, Darker than Art show, and oh, so much more!
For more information and get signed up visit HAUNTED AMERICA CONFERENCE
28th November 2015     American Hauntings Tours is returning to the Glore Psychiatric Museum in St. Joseph, Missouri on Saturday, April 2, 2016. Search for the Spirits of "State Lunatic Asylum No. 2!"
For more information and to register visit American Hauntings Tours
22nd October 2015     PAI member Jennifer was interviewed by Emily Grinstead and Lauren Hamilton for their Halloween podcast. Listen here: Park Paranormal Witness


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